Postpartum Doula Services

You’ve had the baby, now you’re done, right? Not quite! You’ve now entered what we call the fourth trimester.

THIS IS A TIME FOR HEALING. Traditionally in many cultures, women would be nurtured for the first 40 days. Women would only have the task of feeding and bonding with their baby. Oh, how I wish we all in this country followed this tradition.

Your body has just undergone an amazing transformation! Your brain shrunk! You created and birthed a human! It takes upwards of a year or more to heal and get back to a new “normal”.

You are in a vulnerable state. Not only physically but mentally. Both men and women are at risk for postpartum depression. Do you know what the symptoms look like? It's often different than you may have imagined.


In honoring the new mother and new family, I give space for healing and bonding by using traditional methods of nurturing.



MY ROLES IN YOUR HOUSEHOLD VARY WILDLY: Light cleaning, cooking, caring for baby while parents rest, light errands, breastfeeding/ formula feeding support and much more. All the while still providing information and guidance.

And, sometimes, we just sit a talk over a meal.

Along with your postpartum doula support, there may be a need for additional treatments from other practitioners: chiropractors, herbalist, womb specialist (closing of the bones, womb massage, herbal baths) etc. I can assist you in finding the help you need.

Postpartum packages can be customized to your needs, billed at a hourly rate. Minimum hourly booking applies. Discounts given based on package purchased.

Ease your transition as a new family with postpartum doula services.