Infant Sleep Consultant

Ahhh! Sleep! Will I ever get any? Nope! Just kidding, in due time - I promise! As I’ve mentioned before, the fourth trimester is a crucial time.

Sleep for the entire family is essential for the health of EVERYONE in your household. It’s best we have realistic expectations of what infant sleep looks like and the science behind it.

It helps to begin by reflecting on how life outside of the womb can be an overwhelming place for a newborn. New sounds, bright lights, new hands all over them, new smells and no longer being attached to mom 24/7.


Did somebody say play time?
Did somebody say play time?

Your baby just spent 9 months in a safe, gentle environment. What you need to do after birth is mimic life in the womb. We start by looking at the sleep environment of the family and make adjustments from there.

Dreaming of a good solid night of sleep? Let me help!


*Private consults and assessments, along with group DREAM method presentations available.

  • The science of infant sleep
  • Creating a healthy sleep environment and sleep hygiene
  • Physical health (nutrition, exercise, emotions)
  • Baby feeding patterns and sleep
  • Trauma effects on sleep
  • Attachment parenting
  • Sleep regressions/progressions
  • Sleep deprivation and postpartum depression