Childbirth Classes

Exciting!!!! This is the fun part, where we learn from A to Z, the birth process. Don’t let what you’ve heard or seen frighten you. The more prepared you are, the less fear you’ll have.

ARE YOU OVERWHELMED BY IT ALL? Perhaps you’ve read a ton of books or even none at all. In this space, I make sense and put into context all you’ve learned - and the questions that still linger. What does all of this look like in real life? Who are these big birth advocacy organizations and what are these guidelines about? What are my rights? Tap into that inner wisdom and power and make the choices you want.


Labor and birth are unpredictable, however when we’re knowledgeable of the process, we can adapt and best mitigate outcomes.

As your childbirth educator I help you feel confident and informed as you prepare for birth with evidence-based education, practical support and guidance.

Let’s reframe your thoughts about birth and make this an empowering experience.


  • Prenatal vitamins, and pro and prebiotics
  • Understand the stages and phases of labor, and support strategies for each.
  • Optimal fetal positioning / spinning babies technique.
  • How to support the unfolding of natural physiological birth
  • Giving birth at home, hospital, or a birth center
  • Giving birth by cesarean
  • Doulas, comfort techniques, and pain management
  • Postpartum healing (sex, bleeding) and nurturing yourself in the fourth trimester
  • Chiropractic care for you and baby