Birth Doula Services

Whether you’re pregnant or thinking about starting a family, I’m sure you’re filled with a ton of questions. Kudos to you for seeking out the expertise of a doula.

WHAT CAN I DO FOR YOU AS YOUR DOULA? I’m sure you’ve heard the standard: As a birth doula I provide nonjudgemental emotional and physical support. While this is true, there’s so much more involved. Mainly being, you are the star of the show, you have the leading role.

Birth Doula


  • How do you envision your birth?
  • Who do you see there?
  • Where do you see yourself giving birth?
  • What does that space look like?
  • What do you want to be able to say in your story?
  • Have you had a child already? How was that experience? What did you do to make that experience great?
  • What are some things you would change?
  • Have you suffered this loss of a child? Have you processed that?

In answering these and many more questions, a picture starts to evolve. This is the start of a birth plan.

In a time when you are told "NO" more than any other time, no you can’t eat this, no you can do that, no you can’t go there, no, no, no. This is the time; where you become in control. Make the right decisions for you and your family. Trust yourself.

As your doula I, provide information, answer questions, offer guidance and ensure you feel safe, secure and confident during your birth.

There’s a lesson in every birth - let me help you navigate yours.


  • Premium Package 1 prenatal visit - labor support - 1 postpartum visit Investment $2200
  • Elite Package 2 prenatal visits - labor support - 2 postpartum visits Investment $2600
  • Platinum Package 2 prenatal visits - labor support- 2 prenatal visits - 1 overnight postpartum support - Fourth Trimester Gift Box Investment $3000
  • Visit and labor support details - childbirth education, create a birth plan, massage, listening(holding space) and labor comfort measures - Labor support - support for the duration of your labor, various comfort techniques, spinning babies - Postpartum - discuss and process birth(if wanted), breastfeeding/formula feeding support, light household tasks, nurturing the new family unit. Basically, whatever I can do to ease the transition into parenthood and ensure optimal healing and space to enjoy your little one. Fourth Trimester Gift Box - goodies for the family

Video by Angie Klaus, birth photographer in Northern Virginia. Visit her on instagram or facebook.

Video by Angie Klaus, birth photographer in Northern Virginia. Visit her on instagram or facebook.

decrease in being dissatisfied with the birth experience.
decrease in baby’s risk of low five minute Apgar Score.
decrease in risk of cesarean.
decrease in use of pain medication.
increase in the likelihood of spontaneous vaginal birth.
minute decrease in duration of labor.