birth doula



She-Tara L. Smith


My aim is to provide support and care in birth and postpartum that is centered on optimal wellbeing and experiences. There is a skewed thought process of femininity and masculinity. Control is taken from women and men aren't given permission to be vulnerable. We put labels and titles on people instead of seeing the individual for who THEY are.

This is a safe place to learn, be open and free to the choices that are right for you and your family. Each parent is encouraged to be involved in every aspect of this journey. While this is an exciting time for you, it can also be filed with anxiety and fear. That’s normal, along with a lot of other things you’ll experience. This road is not to be navigated alone, build a team. I bring professional expertise to help you get the support you need.

- She-Tara

Happy stories from families I've supported...

"She-Tara is a warm, caring individual who is very knowledgeable and passionate about birth and the topics surrounding birth and maternal and infant well-being. She truly cares for her clients and those in the community. She's wants to make a difference and it shows in her work ethic and dedication. Compassionate, down to earth, determined, and relatable."

- K. Dufour

Her presence was extremely calming and reassuring. Mrs. Smith was there to assist me
physically, mentally, and emotionally to push through some of the hardest moments of my
labor. I believe that the preparation, research, and strategies that Mrs. Smith provided me
before and during childbirth to be paramount in allowing me to have a successful natural birth."

- V. Dano

"There’s so much to express, I pray and encourage you to continue to love what you do. To empower women to face their greatest fears to reaching the victory of “I can” and not be
defeated by the thoughts and mindset of “I can’t."

- N. Arthur

"I felt like I had someone who would be my voice and support and my expectations were surpassed. Her skill and versatility helped me transition through a difficult delivery and the first
weeks postpartum." 

A. Renee

"What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals."